Product info

7 GRAM has redefined the signet ring through a complex as well as robust mechanism.
TYPAR combines design, comfort, and functionality. The innovative mechanism allows you to change your individual TAG by simply pressing a button.
With ICON LINE, the signature line, TYPAR has been given the perfect shape.
The 7G BUTTON on the side combines function with statement. The FRAME with an antique design is the frame for your TAG. Find your TAG designs in your MODES and complete your custom TYPAR style.
TYPAR was manufactured with high precision and in elaborate manufacturing processes in Germany. From raw materials to alloy to intricate craftsmanship—they are made with skill, finesse, and heart and soul.

The exchangeable TAGS are provided with a CLIP and are loosened and fixed to the signet ring (TYPAR) at the push of a button. You can choose from continuous new TAG designs and inspirations for your individual MODE.

Currently, there are 7 ring sizes from US 8 to US 14

It is not possible to change the ring size because of the complex mechanics.

We use only 925 sterling silver and 750 gold (18K).
Available stones are made from natural gemstones of very high quality.

All our products are made in Germany.

Our precious metals are mainly recycled from German refineries. Our suppliers meet the RJC Standards.

Our gemstones come from conflict-free sources and meet the requirements of the UN Resolutions. This is confirmed by each of our carefully selected suppliers with every delivery. Our colored gemstones also come from conflict-free mines that are regularly visited, inspected, and documented by our network.

Our TYPAR and its technical functions have been patented by us and enjoy complete protection. The TYPAR is sold exclusively through our online store, and there are NO other suppliers for new products on the market. We are grateful for any information on plagiarism.