Care, help & tips

How can I care for my TYPAR?
The best way is to wash it with lukewarm water.

How should I care for the stones on my TAG?
Avoid shocks and strong impacts as this may cause gemstones to crack, break, or chip. Fine scratches on the surface will occur even with regular use.

How do I change the TAG of the ring?

Can my TYPAR get scratched?
We attach great importance to high-quality precious metals and produce the TYPAR in manufactory quality. However, it is common for precious metals to be susceptible to scratching and form a beautiful patina when worn. With the Silver model, the patina may also develop oxidation.

Can the TAGS get scratched?
Our TAGS are also made of precious metals. Consequently, they are also susceptible to scratches and form a patina.

The TAG of my TYPAR seems a little loose. Is this normal?
Even though your TYPAR and TAGS are made with precision, some “play” between these parts is normal. This does not affect the durability of your TYPAR.

My TYPAR makes noise when I press the BUTTON. Is this normal?
When new, the different components of the mechanism have to get used to each other. Once this is done, it glides more easily, and the noises diminish. If it occurs at a later time, you should clean the mechanics.

My TAG does not fit into the TYPAR. What am I doing wrong?
If a newly ordered TAG does not fit, please contact us so that we can determine the cause and find a solution together.

I can’t get my TAG out of the TYPAR. Why?
  1. Press the BUTTON as far as it will go and turn the TYPAR upside down. If it does not fall out, shake it back and forth while holding the BUTTON. Make sure that your TAG falls on a soft surface when it releases. This way, you avoid damaging your TAG.

    If this helped, it could be due to the following reasons:

    Either the TAG or TYPAR is a little dirty or wet, which could have caused a suction effect. If they are a little dirty, clean both with a damp cloth. If they are wet, dry both with a soft cloth. Now try it again: insert the TAG and then try to remove it as usual.
  2. If 1. did not work, then press the button as far as it will go and turn TYPAR upside down. Use your fingernail to press against the CLIP of the TAG on the inside of the ring. If it is movable, you will most likely be able to detach the TAG.
    If this worked, it could have happened for the same reason as described under 1.), follow the same procedure to clean the TAG. After that, please try if the TAG works as usual again.
  3. If 1.) and 2.) did not work, please contact us. The TAG may be damaged.

Can I have TYPAR and/or TAGS repaired or refurbished?
Yes. We offer full service, including insured pickup and delivery. The prices for this will be published shortly.

Can I do sports with the ring?
Although you can always wear your TYPAR, we strongly recommend that you do not wear it during sports, as rings can pose a general risk of injury. Besides, your fingers can swell during sports due to increased blood circulation.

Can I wear the ring while washing my hands and taking a shower?
You can wear the TYPAR on your finger while washing your hands or showering.
However, please note that soaps, alkalis, etc., can promote faster oxidation (affects the Silver model) of your TYPAR. Keep in mind that the ring slides easier with wet hands and could be damaged by falling off.
Right after contact with water and as long as the TYPAR’S mechanics are still wet, it is possible that your TAG cannot be released due to a suction effect. As soon as the mechanics of the TYPAR is dry again, it will function properly again.

Can I wear the ring while swimming in the ocean?
We would not recommend this for several reasons. In cold water temperatures, your fingers can shrink, and water can make the ring slip off. All in all, the risk of losing the ring would be too high. Another factor is that saltwater is not good for silver.